Air Quality Improvement Suggestions

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Air Quality Improvement Suggestions

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic many customers have concerns and questions related to HVAC systems.  Because the virus is still being understood, there are several unknowns and much of the information in the media is not entirely accurate.  With that said, we do not claim to have any complete solutions but do have several suggestions that are proven to improve air quality within buildings.  Below is a list of things that can be done with most existing systems that will benefit air quality.

  1. Economizers and outside air dampers:  Confirm settings and operation calculate outside air value and confirm they meet minimum local requirements for fresh air and if not repair and or adjust.  Systems using DCV (demand control ventilation) can be reset to provide constant outside air minimums during system occupancy.  This measure may cause a slight increase in operating costs but will improve air quality.
  2. Air Filtration:  Keep up with filter changes as well as using quality filters to provide better filtration per MERV ratings.
  3. Air Movement:  continuous blower operation (fan on) and holding units in occupied 24/7 will cause continuous filtration and improve air quality.
  4. Clean Evaporator coils, condensate pans and blowers with cleaner and disinfectant.  Current market HVAC specific cleaner (Nu-Calgon Evap-Fresh) for this have been tested and proven effective for several viruses, molds and bacteria however the current specific strand of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has not been made available for testing this product at this time.  See attached product information.
  5. Purge Cycles:  This can be manual or automatic depending on your HVAC system controls.  This would apply to larger systems with building automation controls.  Purge CYcle is designed to flush the area controlled with outside air creating a fresh air change by using outside air.
  6. Inspection of HVAC Equipment visual and operational to ensure performance.


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